Uncle Vin

Uncle VIn

Uncle Vin, runs a dogshelter in Semenyih, near Broga Hill, about 30 km from Kuala Lumpur.


Uncle Vin started a humble dogshelter 30 years with the little savings he had. Currently he takes care of approximately 100 dogs all on his own.
Uncle Vin, currently 63 years old has survived bonecancer himself and isn’t able to do everything himself anymore and relies on help from volunteers.
Three times a day, Uncle Vin makes sure that the dogs are fed. He has to do this with the dog food donated to the shelter which he fills up with rice, vegetables and meat he receives from a local restaurant. This on it’s own is lot of work for 100 dogs.

Unfortunately there are still many people who abandon their dogs for whatever reason.

Fortunately though there are good people like Uncle Vin to rescue the stray dogs, and nurses them back to good health. He makes sure all the dogs he rescues or are dumped at his door, are dewormed, get their shots and are treated for skin problems. Due to the high cost of a veterenarian, Uncle Vin has to be his own vet for the most common things.

Uncle Vin always hopes he can give the dogs he has in his shelter away for adoption. This doesn’t mean that he gives the dogs to just anybody. He loves each and every dog, so he first makes sure that the dogs end up in a good home. If he isn’t satisfied that will happen, he will keep taking care of the dog himself until he does find a good home.

If you want to adopt a dog, please read the terms and condition which are set by Uncle Vin. Please feel free to search through the dogs in the shelter which are eligible for adoption. http://www.unclevinsdogshelter.com/pets