I am an Iranian girl who has been living in Malaysia since 2008. I spend my free time hiking, volunteering for nature conservation NGOs or sometimes just doing nothing.

I am a massive animal lover with special place in my heart for dogs. My living and working situation keeps me away from getting a dog so I grab any chance I get to pet someone's dog or just play with stray dogs.

When my mom told me about uncle Vin's shelter I immediately said yes to spending a Sunday there. Ever since that Sunday, I count down the weekdays until its weekend and I get to go and visit uncle Vin and his dogs again.

Uncle Vin's dogs' shelter is like heaven for me and the dogs. Uncle Vin`s shelter is one of a kind as I have never seen dogs be so happy, healthy and free in a shelter. Uncle Vin himself is one of the most kind-hearted and generous men I have ever seen. He looks after every single one of the dogs and knows the name and personality trait of each individual dog.

I really wish to show each one of uncle Vin's dogs the love and support they deserve. And just help uncle Vin as much as I can to lower his workload.
At the end of the day, the enjoyment these dogs give me is much more than what I can offer.

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