I am An engineer living and working in Malaysia since 2008. I spend most of my weekends with my daughters to enjoy some quality time together.

I have a huge admiration and love for all kinds of animals. When my colleague told me about Uncle Vin's dogs' shelter, I told her to count me in. So when I and my two daughters went to visit uncle Vin's shelter for the first time we immediately fell in love with the place. Dogs were running around or were jumping in the lake some were playing with each other it was just a very joyful scenery to watch.

This shelter is all based on kind heart and there is no killing policy or any kind of business involved in it and this encourages me to help more and more.

We now frequently visit uncle Vin`s place to help him around with the chores and cooking the food for the dogs. we always enjoy spending time there.

We just wish more people were aware of how kind dogs are so they can treat them better.

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