Lei Mun

Lei Mun


Ever since my pet hedgehog passed away, there is a void in my life.
One day I read an article of dog shelters in the state, there are few on the list. I decided to help out Uncle Vin because of his shelter condition. He is an old man taking care of hundred dogs all by himself. His shelter is located far away from city town (around 45km from Bangsar) and also lack of resources compared to shelters in the city.

Initially I didn’t give much thought of this,  it is just simple gesture of wanting to do good and help out these poor dogs and of course the old man.

I asked around for funding and of course volunteers as well. I got Marlon onboard and coincidently Timo is here for business trip. Knowing he is dog lover, I asked if he is interested to join us. I knew he would say yes, just his instant response still surprised me. HAHA

After checking out with Uncle Vin what the shelter really needs, together we did some shopping and meeting with pet food supplier, Furffy for long term support to the dog shelter.

We also got Marjan and her daughters to join us on next trips. It was so lovely all of us working together and enjoying our fun time with dogs at Uncle Vin’s place. I really enjoy my time there over the weekend, especially bonding with dogs and all the people around. The experiences are overwhelming everytime I visited them.

It has been few regular visits since we started. I am grateful for the supports we had, very proud that we keep this going and excited to seeing the place is getting better.

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