Kittens dumped at shelter

On Sunday, when Uncle Vin was taking out the trash, he found a box with 2 kittens inside.
Uncle Vin, phoned Marjan to ask for help. Sadaf went down to the shelter to pick them up. After feeding the kittens and washing the kittens, Marjan treated their skin for any infections they may have.

Marjan, and her daughters Sadaf and Saba are huge animal lovers. Before they started to volunteer at Uncle Vins dogshelter they were already taking stray cats in their home, cleaned, fed and nursed them back to healthy cats and kittens before finding a good forever home for them. These two kittens are their 20th they have taken in their home.

If you wish to adopt these kittens, please send an email to with your contact details. Marjan will contact you as soon as possible.