This website is dedicated to Uncle Vin, who runs a dog shelter in Semenyih, near Broga Hill, about 30 km from Kuala Lumpur. We went there with a group of colleagues to volunteer for a day. We bought some dogfood, rice, shampoo’s, brushes and took care of the vet bill. All these goods are primary goods which Uncle Vin needs to keep the dogs he rescues alive and healthy. After a day of washing, playing and feeding the dogs we decided we weren’t going to leave it there.

Uncle Vin is taking care of 100 dogs, and has to do this all on his own. To feed the dogs he has to rely on donations given to him. Due to the high cost of a veterenarian, he does a lot of the common things himself, like deworm the dogs, give them their shots etc. He makes sure the dogs are fed a few times a day, where the puppies get priority on the food.

This is a tremendous job for 1 person, so Uncle Vin also desperately requires hands on help in the shelter to help cleaning, washing the dogs, feeding the dogs and just play with them and give them some attention.

We have a few goals to reach with this website. We want to provide a platform where we can put up the dogs for adoption. We also want to try and get financial donations so we can pay for a veterenarian, buy food, benches, medication to keep the dogs healthy. If you want to help us help Uncle Vin and wish to make a donation, please click here for more information how to donate.

Lei Mun
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